At MINI of Ramsey, we can't stress enough the importance of checking the condition of your MINI's tires, especially during this time of year.

To find out the condition of your tires, stop by Prestige MINI at no cost to you.

Indicates a tire with 6/32" tread or more. This is the ideal state of your tires, as the amount of tread provides the maximum amount of traction, which guarantees the safest driving conditions.
Indicates a tire with 5/32" to 6/32" of tread. While it is still possible to drive in this state, we advise you to come in for an alignment to prevent further wear. 
Indicates a tire with 4/32" of tread or less. By now, your tires are so worn down that your vehicle is guaranteed to slip when braking and hydroplaning, putting you and your passengers in danger. Service for tires in this state is required immediately.