Value Your Vehicle Using Edmund's Trade-In Tool

It's never been easier to get maximum value for your trade-in at our MINI dealership in Ramsey, NY.  To help you get full value for your old ride, MINI of Ramsey uses Edmund's trade-in tool.  Edmund's trade-in tool is an accurate and easy way to evaluate your vehicle's price based on its condition.  Whether you drive something that's two years old or twenty years old, Edmund's trade-in tool will help value your vehicle for what it's worth.

What's the Process?

Utilizing Edmund's trade-in tool, the experts at MINI of Ramsey can put a price tag on your old vehicle.  Just when you thought you couldn't find a reliable buyer, you can surely trust the auto-financing experts in Ramsey, NJ.  Whether you're in the market to sell or trade-in, Edmund's trade-in tool pulls information from your CARFAX and Vehicle History Report to help diagnose any potential issues.

Step One

Using the trade-in form on our website, start by giving us some basic information about your vehicle.  Important information that's worth noting includes service history, accident history, and any aftermarket additions.  All of these things, and more, help determine what your pre-owned vehicle is worth.  Not every vehicle is the same; hence, the trade-in valuation process will be different for every driver in Ramsey, NJ.

Step Two

After compiling your information, a member of our MINI of Ramsey sales team will clarify your responses by performing a thorough in-person inspection.  This inspection process covers every major component of your vehicle, including your engine, electronics, and drivetrain.  Depending on your unique make and model, this process can take longer for some.

Step Three

At this point, our MINI of Ramsey staff will present you with a trade-in offer.  We like to give our valued customers a few days to respond, and if you choose to walk away, that's okay.  We promise to help get you maximum value for your old ride, so if you don't like our offer, chances are you won't like the competition's.

Contact Us at MINI of Ramsey

For more information about the vehicle trade-in process, please call, click, or contact us online at MINI of Ramsey.  We look forward to meeting you!