Alleviate the worst part of breaking down unexpectedly by keeping an emergency kit in your car filled with items to fix a variety of issues or to help pass the time while you wait for assistance.

Keep a fire extinguisher, tow rope, jumper cables, warning flares, tire sealant, and a toolbox on hand at all times. Add helpful items like duct tape, a flashlight with spare batteries, a portable tire pump, a tire gauge, and a battery-powered cell phone charger if you've got the space. For the winter months, a thick blanket, snacks, water, and extra warm clothing items are also a good idea. Make sure you've got items for children and pets if you regularly travel with them, as well as including some things to help you pass the time, like playing cards or books.

You can stop by MINI of Ramsey in Ramsey, NJ whenever it's convenient to test drive your choice of winter-ready vehicles from among our many examples.

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