Before driving a car that overheats, you need to determine why it's overheating. A common reason is that the coolant system isn't working properly. The coolant isn't being circulated through the engine and other components like it needs to be, resulting in the engine getting too hot.

A leak can easily develop at any point in the radiator and engine cooling system. If you have older hoses in your car, then they can deteriorate and get pinholes in them. There could also be a leak from the thermostat or closer to the engine area, allowing coolant to get into the engine itself. If this happens, then you should visit MINI of Ramsey to have the issue inspected.

If you notice your car overheating, you can turn on the heat as a way to force the excess heat in the engine to blow inside the car instead of staying trapped. Another option is to put the car in park and rev the engine. This will often make the fan come on to cool the engine.



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