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Welcome to MINI of Ramsey Serving Ramsey, Paramus, and Newark, NJ

Welcome to our extensive selection of brand-new MINI vehicles, like the MINI Countryman and MINI Clubman. We are continually working to present you with the latest models and information. Our inventory is always changing as deals are made, and new vehicles arrive. Please check back frequently to see if we have the model or options you desire in stock. We also recommend that you contact our sales team if you are interested in ordering a vehicle from the factory according to your specifications. MINI makes a variety of models and paint styles that look sporty and have more character than the average automobile on the streets. They are easy to maneuver and park in the city, but still has plenty of room for all passengers and extra cargo. You will enjoy your MINI and find yourself joining the loyal followers who are impressed by all things MINI.

Benefits of Buying New Cars

When you a brand-new MINI, you have the clean slate needed to make that car last forever. Cars, nowadays, can quickly reach thousands of miles by running them on a high-quality full synthetic motor oil. MINI vehicles are the type of investment that you will love to park your money in because they add to the curb appeal of your home and are fun to drive around in. 

Our dealership has the process streamlined to get drivers up and running, out on the roads. The stress-free process eliminates all the headaches and frustrations customers formerly dealt with in that bygone era. Customers can now narrow down a selection of new vehicles from our online catalog before they even show up for a test drive. All the information they need to make an educated decision is right here at their fingertips. When you buy a brand-new auto, you get to live the dream and drive off with the latest innovations in technology. New cars are guaranteed to be pet allergen free and painted in your favorite colors.

Accept no compromise for excellence. The reliability of a brand-new auto makes the deal unsurpassed for professionals and active people who don't have time for a pit stop in life. Many owners buy brand-new vehicles because they want the ideal investment to hold onto and maintain a long-term plan. Other owners only want the latest model and will trade up a few years later to get even better features. Whatever your angle might be, we have a deal waiting for you at Mini of Ramsey.

Quality New Cars

Our brand-new autos come to us like presents wrapped up in plastic from the factory. As a safety measure, our technicians are required to perform a final comprehensive inspection to ensure that everything is correct and functioning on the new autos before they go up for sale. Most of the time, these autos have to be topped off with some fluids, have their tire pressures adjusted, and have some interior features set up. Nevertheless, our technicians still put them up on a lift and carry out a full inspection of the parts and onboard computers before we list them for sale. That guarantees you a hassle-free shopping experience with a reputable dealer you can trust for all your automotive needs.

We would like you to contact us or stop by our dealership for more information. One of our sales team representatives will be happy to match you up with your dream car. You need to come in and feel the experience. When you test drive one of our new MINI Cooper's, you will understand why these cars have a cult following.

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