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Pay Attention to What's Under Your Feet

Whether in your home or your vehicle, it's often easy to ignore and overlook the materials that are under your feet. When it comes to your vehicle, though, this area should be given special consideration as you decide between all-weather floor mats and carpet floor mats. To help make your decision a little easier, we at MINI of Ramsey offer the following tips.

First, consider how frequently you use your vehicle in Ramsey. If your vehicle is more of a show car or a weekend driver, carpet floor mats should be sufficient and have the added benefit of more…

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How Winter Tires Differ From Summer Tires

When the roads are dry, summer tires may be ideal for getting the best traction and fuel efficiency. However, when the roads get wet, snowy or icy in Ramsey, you may want to switch to winter tires. This can also be a good decision if you live in an area that experiences frequent cold spells.

Winter tires have extra grooves that allow them to bite into icy road surfaces, and this will usually allow for greater traction when driving at speeds that are reasonable for road conditions. A modified tread pattern is designed to help push away slush, snow and…

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