All-season and summer tires are common tire choices for summer driving. Which one is better for you?

For driving in wet conditions in the summer, you can't beat a summer tire. It has a sticky tread compound which makes it easy to maintain traction and handling. An all-season tire, however, also offers good traction in rain. The summer tire has a shallower tread that makes it handle well in warmer conditions. The all-season tire has a deeper tread good for light snow.

If you need a tire that can work in cooler temperatures, the all-season tire is the better choice. This tire, however, does not work well in deeper snow or on ice. The summer tire, also known as a performance tire, works well on sports cars and luxury SUVs. The all-season tire is a good choice for passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs. Check out the tire selection here at MINI of Ramsey in Ramsey, NJ.

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