Simple Strategies For Avoiding A Tire Blowout

Even simply passing by a blowout scene can be horrifying. Evidence of a tire blowout reminds drivers that these dangerous and incredibly unfortunate events can happen to anyone. At MINI of Ramsey, one of our top priorities is making sure that they never happen to you.

Understand What To Look For

Prevention is key to keeping yourself, your passengers, and your vehicle safe. The only way to make sure that your tires are road-ready is by regularly inspecting them. This is something that you can do once or twice each month. Check for cracks, low treads, problems with under or over-inflation, and signs of serious wear and tear. If your tires have sustained damage due to incorrect use, make note of this as well. Aged and poorly maintained tires should always be addressed before taking your car back on the road.

Know How To Respond

Not only is it important to prevent tire blowouts by performing regular tire inspections, but it's also vital to know how to respond in the event that blowouts actually occur. Rather than jamming on your brakes during a blowout, ease up on your accelerator so that the car can gradually slow to a stop. Then, take the time to set up flares or reflectors so that other motorists can see where you are. Come by MINI of Ramsey today for a professional inspection, or to learn more about the top blowout prevention strategies.


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