Belts and Hoses: Important For Vehicle Efficiency

Whether it's a car, truck or SUV, it's a big investment, so don't neglect proper care. Here's why those small belts and hoses need your attention.

Does your car seem that your car doesn't run as smoothly as it once did? Maybe you have an older vehicle, which doesn't run like new, but the issue could be worn out parts. Belts, such as the timing belt and serpentine belts, help synchronize and transfer power. Look at them to see if the timing belt's teeth are worn and the belt is frayed. Check the other belts and hoses for cracking and splitting. Also pay attention to backfiring and squealing noises.

If you don't want to bother with belts and hoses on your own, come to MINI of Ramsey to get your vehicle serviced. We'll also let you test drive a vehicle while you wait.



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